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Greater Copenhagen - a region of green frontrunners

Greater Copenhagen is the metropolitan region that covers Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden. Ambitious goals for sustainability in both countries have sparked a strong commitment to green transitions in the Greater Copenhagen region. Companies in the region focus on areas like green transportation, upcycling and recycling, sustainable buildings and renewable energy.

And with some of the flattest workplace hierarchies in the world, you are encouraged to share your ideas and take an active part in shaping the green transition in Greater Copenhagen. 

But can a region that prides itself on green transition – with climate change at the forefront of its thinking and high dedication to a sustainable agenda – also be a region that is one of the most favoured places to live in? Without a doubt! 

The green agenda in Greater Copenhagen

Carbon Neutrality Carbon neutrality starts with a good role model and high ambitions. You are invited to take part of leading the way.
Energy Efficiency The best place to work on innovative energy efficient solutions. Here, you are free to express your ideas.
Circular Economy Companies are "going circular" by rethinking their business strategies. Do you want to join them? 
Climate Adaptation Setting a European example by developing sustainable green areas. Enjoy these in your spare time.

Life in Greater Copenhagen

Meet Enlai

Enlai is Australian and has lived and worked in Copenhagen for 4 years. He works as Head of Innovation and Sustainability at Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architect. 

"The first thing that struck me is how happy and calm people seem on the streets. It seems to be a place where there are far less stress and worries in people’s heads and you can see it in the way that they move."

Enlai Hooi, Head of Innovation and Sustainability at Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Meet Swati & Naveen

Swati and her husband Naveen are both from India. They have lived in Malmö for 4 years. Swati works as a Scientist and Naveen works as a Plant Biologist in his own company, Tiny Greens. 

"We really enjoy living here. Malmö is a very international city and we have felt welcome from the beginning. As a researcher I would say that Skåne is really the future for my research field"

Swati Aggarwal, Scientist at MAX IV


Need some convincing? Let's look at the facts...

Quick facts about Greater Copenhagen

A bicycle region People bike in all kinds of weather - both for commuting and exercising. With special bike lanes and beautiful scenery, cycling is green, healthy, quick, and safe. Happy biking!
Punctuality is key It is an integrated part of the culture to be on time for meetings and appointments - and even social arrangements. Efficiency and productivity are important - no time to waste!
Green Frontrunners Sweden was the first country to pass an environmental protection act in 1967. And in Denmark the first Ministry of Environment was established in 1971. Cool, right?!
Smart City Solutions A multitude of new Smart City technologies and solutions are being tested and developed, attracting a lot of cleantech companies to the region. Want to join them?
Turning waste to energy 46% of the household waste in 2020 was turned into energy in Sweden. In Denmark heat produced from waste supplies more than 12% of all residential buildings. Feel the heat!
More than one life Thanks to some of the world best recycling systems, 92% of the Danes and 84% of the Swedes recycle their plastic drink bottles and aluminium cans. Cheers to that!
Zero-emission buses Several cities in the region are rolling out zero-emission electric buses. The urban buses run solely on electricity and has a battery for energy storage.
Amazing parental leave Parents in Sweden are entitled to 480 days of paid parental leave. Of those, 90 days are reserved for each parent. In Denmark it is a bit lower, but still high. You get 260 days!  
Roam freely The right of public access allows all Swedes to roam freely, even on private land to some extent, to camp overnight and to pick mushrooms and berries. Tasty! 

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